About Our Interviews

As we seek to understand why people value brands, we are asking random people on the street a variety of questions; both to get a sense of the person, the brands they value and which of the brands they value partake in either CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives or Shared Value Economics.

While our conversations sometimes go in many directions, we always ask the following questions:

  1. Without looking at the labels, name as many of the brands you’re wearing and/or carrying on you right now.
  2. How many of those are you really passionate about?
  3. Why do you feel so strongly about those brands?
  4. When you purchase one of [brand]’s products, do you know if anyone benefits other than you and the brand? Is there some higher purpose or cause this brand is serving?
  5. If you found a brand that offered the same quality product, but that also had Shared Value attached, would that be enough to get you to switch?
  6. Are there other brands with Shared Value that you’re a consumer of?
  7. Are there other ways you do good in the world, charities you donate to, etc.?