Ways to Adapt Your Fitness in San Francisco

chris brand on the streetWe approached Chris coming out of a 24/7 Fitness club. He was looking very sporty. 

Name: Chris

Age: 33

Works for: Day Trader

Lives in: San Francisco

Last thing watched / read / listened to / seen: The Voice

How was it? Entertaining

Major News Source: CNN

Brands on the Street:

Why these brands?

These brands are convenient, sporty, I don’t know. Known brands I guess. Adapt is more of a San Francisco brand. Kind of trendy. I like the way it looks.

I have brands because they are there. I don’t choose a brand just to choose it. I am not too big on brands. I would rather go more generic than to choose a name brand. I am not really a brand person.

Impact on Society

I don’t really know

Are you aware of any “shared value” imparted by these brands or any other brands?

No, not really. There are some food brands–when you buy food they will give money back. I don’t know if Munchery does something like that–that is not really a brand though (Editor’s note: It is, in fact, a real brand and yes, they do offer shared value)

Would you switch to a brand that was just as good but that offered more shared value?

I would buy Tom’s just because they give money back to the needy, it is for a good cause. I like that about that.

Do you have any Tom’s?

I don’t. I don’t know. I am more…I like working out and I cannot wear them in a gym. I would buy them.

Aside from purchasing decisions, is there any way you personally try to do good in the world?


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