Apple Loyalist Also Loves Gilmore Girls

Name: Elvan

Job: Start up

Last TV show seen: Gilmore Girls. I actually spent 2 years in North Carolina to finish my BA, so that’s why I want to see the Gilmore Girls. Kind of like the southern, slow-town life. When I saw that, I had like a reminder I’ve seen that.

I’m wearing: Abercrombie and Fitch and Adidas

Do you have a preferred brand?

Iphone. Apple is definitely one of them. They always have a very great product. And I already used Apple a long time, so I kind of got used to that.

What brands do you identify with?

I’m not like a huge fan about the brand things. When I’m picking out the clothing, I’m just spending on the style. Whether I’m fit with the style, or the color, all of this kind of stuff.

Do you know any brands that give back to the community?

I can remember that Apple actually has like, when you want to get rid of your old phone, they will also recycle stuff.

Would you prefer to buy a brand with the same Shared Values as you?

I will choose that. If both of the two brands have a similar function, or the values I want to choose. If they had one more political program to the environment, I’m definitely going to choose this one.

What do you do to give back to your community?

I do a lot of volunteers to help the kids to teach them their English in the rural area when I was in China, because I come from Shanghai. So when I was in China to teach them about English, because those kids from the rural area don’t have that experience or abilities to those with education.

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