In Between Two Worlds

india and apple
“In India, everybody has to have an Apple”

During our first few interviews we learned a lot and encountered a lot of things we did not expect. We also came upon situations we were not prepared for; for example, what happens when we have never heard of ANY of the brands our subject is wearing?

Name: Enna

Age: 41

Works for: Homemaker

Lives in: Currently San Francisco, originally from New Delhi



Last thing watched / read / listened to / seen:


Brands on the Street:

  • Woodland
  • iPhone (we noticed this and brought it up)

Why these brands?

In India, everybody has to have an Apple. This is the most “in-brand” in India. People were not brand conscious in India but now we are getting brand conscious.

Did shared value drive these purchasing decisions in any way?

I do that (referencing purchasing brand that are “shared value”). If I am buying ten things and one offers that, I will buy it.

Does shared value drive any other of your purchasing decisions?

Right now I feel like I am in between two worlds…one brand in India that we use is a sanitary napkin brand called Whisper. If we buy one packet they give something to the needy girls. I always prefer to purchase this type of brand.

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