VIDEO: Can Brands Make You More Successful?

Confidence is critical in many things. Whether at work or in your social life, confidence projects more than who you are–confidence can project who you want to be. Brands can serve as cultural signifiers that stand for something without needing to say a word. Many times people wear brands because it gives them a voice that they may not otherwise have.

There is a lot of research that claims that millennials are less prone to brand dependence. There is also a lot of research that states that Gen Yers are potentially more enamored with brands. This seems to be the case with one, highly energetic young lady that we meet on the street.

Joanna is only sixteen years old and owns a bag that many adults could not afford. When we spoke with her she was very forthcoming about her love of brands and what they say about her. Joanna claimed that Louis Vuitton makes her feel like an “empowered woman” and that wearing this brand helps her “face the day”.

Have a look at Joanna’s comments and let us know if you have ever felt this way about a brand.

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