Converse, Visa, and Kat Von D.

sophia_katvond, converse, visa
“It’s a mixture of affordability and popularity and different things”

Name: Sophia

Gig: Student

Living in: San Francisco

Last TV show, movie, or podcast enjoyed: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Major source of news: CNN

Brands on the Street: Converse, Visa, Forever 21, Calvin Klein


It’s a mixture of affordability and popularity and different things.

Are there any brands you feel strongly about?

I support Kat Von D. She makes makeup. She’s vegan and all her makeup is cruelty-free. I’m not vegan but I support that. I believe it should be that way.

Do the ethics of a brand have an impact on your purchase decisions?


Do you know anything about the ethics of some of the brands you have on today?

I know Forever 21 is a little bit questionable as far as factories in Bangladesh and all. It does have an impact.

But not enough of an impact to get you to not buy it?

Yeah. I’ll definitely think twice about it, but it’s not something where I’m like, I’m never going near there again.

Are there any brands that you’ll never go near for ethical reasons?

I avoid a lot of chain restaurants because of animal cruelty. Chick-fil-A is really anti-homosexual. Stuff like that. I don’t go to McDonald’s. But I’m vegetarian so that cuts out a pretty big portion of restaurants anyway.

Do you belong to any charitable organizations?

Sometimes I work at the Family Dog Rescue on 16th and Alabama.


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