Dr. Strange Fan Compares Adidas to Nike

“Adidas is more comfortable to me. Nike’s too narrow.”

Name: Eliceo

Age: 18

Job: Student

Living in: LA

Last movie seen: Dr. Strange. It was pretty cool. I liked the detail.

I’m wearing: Adidas, a Nike shirt on the bottom.

Do you have a preferred brand?

They’re all great brands. Adidas is more comfortable to me. Nike’s too narrow. Well sometimes the material is good on Nike, then Adidas, so… it’s half way, I don’t know which one.

Do the brands your’e wearing give back to the community?

Not as much as people say, but yes because people like the materials so much, they rather spend more money on the materials than… other things.

Do the brands you’re wearing ever harm the community?

Sometimes, yes because most people love the mark of the design so much, they spend all their money on their materials. And sometimes it starts situations with people that could have been solved easily.

Would you prefer to buy a brand with the same Shared Values as you?

From time to time. Yes, I try to help, as little as I can. I like to think  yes, when you buy a pair of shoes, maybe you’re giving back somewhere else.

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