Levi’s, H&M, Adidas and Ocean Magic

levis, adidas and h&M
I know recently Adidas starting making shoes from waste or reused products.

Editor’s Note: We meet Jared at one of our favorite food truck spots. We figure if people are waiting online anyway, it won’t be too much of a bother to answer some questions. In fact, some people appreciate the time killer. 

Name: Jared

Age: 28

Gig: Advertising

Hometown: San Francisco

Last TV show, movie, or podcast enjoyed: Doctor Strange

Describe it in one word: Good

Primary news source: The Washington Post

Brands on the Street: Levi’s, H&M, Adidas


I’ve worn Levi’s for a long time. I know it fits so I keep buying it. It’s the same with H&M. As for Adidas, my friend recommended it to me and said they were comfortable so I checked them out.

Do you know if any of these brands do something positive for society?

I know recently Adidas starting making shoes from waste or reused products.

BoTS Editor: Jared’s referring to the June, 2016 release of Adidas x Parley running shoes. Made in cooperation with Parley for the Oceans, these limited-edition kicks boast uppers made from waste plastic and illegal nylon gillnets collected in coastal areas of Africa. They look cool, too.

Did that play a role in your decision to buy them?

I was buying Adidas before I heard about that, but when I did, it increased their reputation in my mind a little bit. Until recently, I didn’t wear Adidas a lot. Now I have a couple of pairs so I guess it played a part in why I keep buying their stuff.

Do you know about any other companies with a shared value component?

No, but the idea of it does sound really cool.

Are you involved in any charitable organizations?

Yes. I’ve done some volunteer work for my church. And I haven’t started yet but I’m applying to the Big Brothers program


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