Nike, Hilfiger, Good, Bad and Timing

nick and his ray bans, joes and more
“I have to say, I separate, you know, things I consume…I am not thinking politically with those things. It just doesn’t come up”

Name: Nick

Age: 38

Works for: Paralegal

Lives in: San Francisco

Last thing watched / read / listened to / seen: The Dan Le Batard Show

How was it?


Major News Source: KQED (and NPR affiliate here in the Bay)

Brands on the Street:

  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Nike
  • Joe’s
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Ray Ban (note: he took them off to see what brand it was, not sure what that says!?)

Why these brands?

Umm…in general, I buy stuff that is quality. I have been buying Tommy Hilfiger stuff for a while because it lasts for a while. Secondarily, I like the look of it. (note: we have other interviewees that are less enthusiastic about Hilfiger, but they are not unwillingly to try it again)

Joe’s jeans well, my wife recommended those (Nick, nothing wrong there!). But they have also been quality.

I have been wearing Nike’s since I was a little kid so I am just used to wearing that one.

Impact on Society

Unfortunately Nike…well, they have tried to improve their production. I know there was some sweat shop stuff going on. But unfortunately, clothing wise, I am not that responsible. It just does not go into my factoring.

We Asked For Nick To Go Deeper With That Point (no judgment, just curious)

My political views go into my job. I donate money when I can. I am politically active, I already voted (the election will be over when this is published, but note, this interview happened the day prior). I try to stay on top of stuff so, I guess there are other elements of my life where I try to support people and things that are in line with my views. When it comes to clothing it is just, you know, it is just one of those things where, maybe if there was a brand out there…that had that strong appeal…

Are you aware of any “shared value” imparted by these brands?

Not really

Did shared value drive these purchasing decisions in any way?

I have to say, I separate, you know, things I consume…I am not thinking politically with those things. It just doesn’t come up.

BoTS Pro Tip For Brands: Nick makes a point we hear a lot. Consumption is not often a time when we are thinking about giving, but it is not that people do not care; you just need to insert yourself with your societal efforts at the right moments and make it easy to make the right choice. When presented with positive alternatives, many people will make choices that are best for society.


Aside from purchasing decisions, is there any way you personally try to do good in the world?

I am not part of any organizations. I will donate to political campaigns and charities though.

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