Nike Sneakers, Always

frederic and his nikes
“Well, for Nike, these type of shoes—I am addicted to them”

Name: Frederic

Age: 30

Living in: San Francisco

Gig: Software engineer.

Last great movie, TV show, or podcast?

Rick and Morty. It’s animation. (It sounds especially cool with Frederic’s French accent.)

In a word, how would you describe it?


What is your major source of news?

The internet.

What brands do you have on you right now?

Nike, Motorola, Wrung and Eastpak

Why do you like these brands?

Well, for Nike, these type of shoes—I am addicted to them. Nike sneakers, always.  And Motorola, this is just a gift. It’s one of the first stopwatches. Wrung is a hip-hop brand  in Europe.  I don’t think that there are a lot of good hip-hop brands.

What we’re talking about regarding brands today is shared values. Companies like Warby Parker and Tom’s Shoes, who give back to the community. Do you know if any of the brands you have do that?


Do you know of any brands in general that do?

I don’t think so.

With Nike in particular, if another brand offered something like that, would that change your Nike addiction? If a brand offered shared value but the shoe quality was the same?


Do you take part in any charitable organizations?

Not yet. I’ve only recently come to the country and I’m just starting to see what’s out there.

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