“I’m Just Not Into Brands”

jenna brand on the street
“It feels good to put support behind someone who is making an effort to do things the right way.”

Name: Jenna

Age: 26

Gig: Assistant winemaker

Living in: San Francisco/Sonoma

Last TV show, movie, podcast enjoyed: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Primary news source: NPR

Brands: Chase, Gap, Vans … I think this shirt is from Macy’s. I’m really not into brands.

Why Chase?

My family was with them so I went along. I’ve stayed with them because I haven’t had any problems.

Are there any brands that you feel strongly about?

No. One we’re sad about is Andronico’s Market. It’s our favorite grocery store. It just got bought by Safeway. It’s the place where we get our good cheese, our good meats. It’s convenient. It’s close.

Do you not like Safeway?

I do not like Safeway. I grew up with Kroger as our commercial grocery store. It’s probably the same quality level as Safeway, but I think the consumer experience at Safeway is very poor. It’s never a good shopping experience there. If that’s going to be the place that’s close to us I don’t like it.

What about the Safeway experience is bad?

I don’t think the products there are that great, especially produce, meats, cheese. Customer service is very poor. People seem really pissed off there when they’re checking you out. There’s always a really long line. It’s food, so it’s important, and you want to be excited about it, not have a terrible experience.

Would you consider getting some of your food from a company like Imperfect Produce?

Jenna: I don’t think so.

Hunter, Jenna’s boyfriend: I don’t think she would. We like the convenience of being able to get all of our stuff in one place two blocks away and look at it. The prices are cheap at Safeway relative to everything else. It’s convenient. And I just don’t think you in particular are into those types of new, trendy online shopping things.

What if it’s cheaper and good for society?

Hunter: With all else equal, it would definitely appeal to me. I would go to the one that I feel has some better purpose or is doing some good things.

Jenna: I agree. In a food market, if I see that something is produced in a more ethical, sustainable way, I’m definitely more influenced to buy it. You not only feel like you’re getting higher quality but you’re supporting something that’s good. It feels good to put support behind someone who is making an effort to do things the right way.

Do either of you do any charitable work?

No, but we hope to in the future.

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