Rachel Comey, Vans and Real People

“I was like f*ck Converse. But maybe I should try them now!”

Name: Kim

Age: 28

Works for: Brand Designer

Lives in: Oakland

Last thing watched / read / listened to / seen:

I just finished American Gods 

How was it?

Shadow (usually we get adjectives, but this is more interesting)





Brands on the Street:

Took her a second to think about what she was wearing etc. 

  • Apple
  • Rachel Comey (a fashion design in NYC, we did not know her either)
  • American Apparel

Why these brands?

My girlfriend works at Rachel Comey. She just did a line that was focused on the real people who love her clothes. I respect that but I only have this one pair of jeans from her.

And though I am not wearing them, I love Vans. Just growing up and being around all my skater friends…we just wore Vans. You know, some of us had Converse but EVERYONE wears Converse! I was like f*ck Converse. But maybe I should try them now!

Are you aware of any “shared value” imparted by these brands?


Would you switch to a brand that was just as good but that offered more shared value?

As a designer, I want to do design work that benefits the community so yes, I would. I have a lot of respect for brands that do that and still trying to figure it out myself.



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