Student ‘Feels More Comfortable Talking to People Dressed Like Me’

“You’ll pay more attention to someone who’s wearing the same thing as you.”

Name: Ariana

Age: 19

Job: Student

Living in: Inglewood

Last book read: My text book. Korean Philosophy, it’s really cool actually. I’m a psychology major.

Main source of news: The internet, basically. Or whatever my mom told me is going on.

I’m wearing: Nike shoes, H&M jacket, I have no idea what these two are, and a Kate Spade bag.

Do you have a preferred brand?

Well I guess I don’t really pay much attention to brands. If I like how it looks, then I wear it.

Do brands have an impact on society?

Yeah, they do actually. You’ll pay more attention to someone who’s wearing the same thing as you, rather if you see someone dressed really formally, you’ll probably be intimidated by that person. If you see someone that’s not wearing very expensive clothes, you probably won’t talk to them either, because they’re just not your style, you know? There’s nothing wrong with people that don’t like wearing certain stuff, I probably just wouldn’t like talk to them. I feel more comfortable talking to someone that’s dressed like me.

Do you know any brands that give back to the community?

I don’t, to be honest. I don’t know any that do that.

Would you prefer to buy a brand with the same Shared Values as you?

Yeah, that’s kind of cool actually. Yeah if Nike did that, I feel like everybody would definitely go there. Like I knew when Tom’s did that, back when that was a thing… it was so cool that I wasn’t really going for the brand, I was going for their thing.

What do you do to give back to your community?

I really spend most of my volunteer time I would say at church.


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