Sun Skiing With Abe and His Indosoles

abe, indosole and sun ski
“I buy Indosole because I know the back story of what they are doing”

Name: Abraham

Age: 35

Works for: Grey Advertising

Lives in: San Francisco

Last thing watched / read / listened to / seen: I am in the middle of a book called Wilderness Warrior about Teddy Roosevelt (it is actually The Wilderness Warrior, Abe…but we won’t fault you, in 22 interviews you were the first person to mention an actual book!)

How was it?

I really like it, it is just a bit long.




Main Source of News: 

Apple News App

Brands on the Street:

  • US Polo
  • Levi’s
  • Clarkes
  • Apple
  • Sun Ski

Why these brands?

Lev’s because they are durable, they last a long time–I look for that in the clothing I wear. I like

I like ethos of Sun Ski; how they were founded, what they are trying to do, and it helps that they are not crazy expensive.

Impact on Society

  • US Polo: no idea, but probably not good.
  • Apple: that is a tough one. Positive in a lot of regards but negative if you look at their materials and sourcing.
  • Sun Ski: I don’t know

Are you aware of any “shared value” imparted by these brands?

I am not 100% sure but I think that Sun Ski might do something. I know that Levi’s has various programs for giving.

Would you switch to a brand that was just as good but that offered more shared value?

I tend to buy brands that have some sort of impact or value. If you caught me on another day you would have seen me wearing a brand from SF called Indosole (we at BotS had never heard of this one and it looks awesome, thanks Abe). The soles of their shoes are all recycled tire treads coming from Indonesia.

Does shared value drive any other of your purchasing decisions?

I buy Indosole because I know the back story of what they are doing.

Aside from purchasing decisions, is there any way you personally try to do good in the world?

Lately I have been volunteering at the San Francisco Zoo.

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