Vans Lover Donates Clothes to Guatemala

If I know of the brand, I will choose to give to the community, yeah

Name: Jesus

Age: 19

Job: Student

Living in: LA

Last movie seen: Resident Evil. It’s really cool, crazy shit.

Main source of news: Facebook and CNN

I’m wearing: Vans, Joe’s pants, I don’t know what is this shirt.

Why those brands specifically?

The Vans because they are casual. I’m not a show off person. They are simple stuff. They have a lot of colors and you can match every shoe with everything, like if you want to match with blue, they sell blue vans, red vans, green vans, every color. And they’re really comfortable.

And the Joe’s pants because they’re really comfortable. I don’t know about people, but the pants that I’m using are really comfortable.

And I just like my shirt.

Do you know any brands that give back to the community?

Louis Vuitton, they make a charity to UNICEF. For everything that you buy in Lous Vuitton, they give a percent to UNICEF.

Would you prefer to buy a brand with the same Shared Values as you?

If I know of the brand, I will choose to give to the community, yeah.

What do you do to give back to your community?

The clothes that I don’t want, I donate. I don’t go personally, one of my friends just gives the clothes I don’t want to Goodwill. And I send my clothes to Guatemala. One of my friends goes to Guatemala every vacation, and they bring clothes to the poor people in Guatemala.

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