Yoga-Loving Road-Tripper (surprisingly) Wears Patagonia

“I love Lululemon. They’re stuff is made really well. I can wear it for years, and it doesn’t really fall apart which I really like.”

Name: Eliza

Age: 26

Job: Unemployed and Road-Tripping

Living in: Boston, but we flew out to California and we’re going up the coast, and over through Portland, Montana, and then down the Rockies and back.

Last book read: Buried Treasures by Guru Singh. He’s like this established kundalini yoga guru and it’s his biography of living in the Mexican desert.

Main source of news: The Skim. It’s cool. It’s basically like a daily email. A bunch of girls read the daily news, and then put it into this briefing that you get in an email every morning. And it’s really funny; they write it in a really funny way. You should check it out.

I’m wearing: These are Birkenstocks, my shoes. And this is from Aritzia, I don’t know the actual brand. My shirt is Lululemon. This is not a brand, I got it in St. John. And this is from Italy, so not a brand.

Do you have a preferred brand?

I love Lululemon. They’re stuff is made really well. I can wear it for years, and it doesn’t really fall apart which I really like. It’s comfortable and I just feel like it’s made to fit well.

I know that Lululemon treats its employees really well because my sister works there. And they have Lifestyle Goals and everything. You do a 5 year plan with them, but it’s not just about your plan at the company, it’s like your life plan. And they really care about your wellness. They have what they call a Love Bug that’s your mentor basically in life. So I know they treat their employees really well, but I don’t know anything about where they make their products.

Do you know any brands that give back to the community?

My friend’s from Africa and she started a company that basically is taking fabrics that the women in her village make, and selling them here, and then profits go there. She’s actually like an African Princess. I went to middle school with her and then found this out later. Her dad is like literally King of some community there. She lives in New England, but her family lives there.

And then I also have a friend who started another company that I don’t know the name of, but he makes shoes that have the same type of feel. It’s from Costa Rica; he was visiting there. But they’re small brands. They’re all small brands, and they’re all really expensive because they’re so well made.

Do you know any brand that ever harm the community?

I don’t really know, I guess. I wish I knew more. I like to hope I’m not wearing any brands that are detrimental to society.

Would you prefer to buy a brand with the same Shared Values as you?

Yeah, I think so. Another brand I really like is Patagonia, which I’m not wearing right now, but I have a lot of. I know their Black Friday sale they just had over Thanksgiving – they gave all the profits to a bunch of charities. I think it came out to around $10 Million…. I’m completely pulling that number kind of out of nowhere.

You know if you ruin any of their clothes, like get a rip or anything, Patagonia repairs it for free.

What do you do to give back to your community?

Small things. I do work study for a yoga place. That’s like mutually beneficial though. They don’t pay me, and I don’t pay for yoga. And there’s another yoga therapy that teaches trauma-informed yoga. It’s called Firefly Yoga. I like to give to that charity. They basically teach yoga in homeless shelters where might not be comfortable taking a normal yoga class. So it’s all about using the right vocabulary and stuff like that.

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